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Building and construction market research trusted by blue chip companies, global consultancies, and leading retailers

01242 235724   Office hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm GMT

Click to call: 01242 235724

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AMA Research has built up a wealth of data and analysis during the construction market’s highs and lows over three decades. This enables us to dive into market and product sectors to track trends, map scenarios and analyse potential. Whether you need an insightful overview or an investigative deep-dive, our accessible and accurate reports or bespoke research and analysis are designed to help you get clear answers for informed decision making.

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We surveyed hundreds of industry professionals to get an accurate snapshot of today's construction landscape. Download our new quarterly report so you can:

  • Understand current business trends and opportunities
  • Benchmark your performance against industry standards
  • Make informed strategic decisions based on current market conditions
  • Have a more robust understanding of the construction industry

State of the Nation: UK Construction and the Built Environment

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Download the Free Report
Download the Free Report

Report Highlights

Key insights from the Q1 2024 report:

  • Overall optimism in the UK Construction sector has improved since Q4.
  • 55% of respondents are operating at or above capacity.
  • Businesses are concerned about the challenge of recruiting skilled staff – market competition is seen as the main growth constraint over Q2
  • Building materials prices have seen no significant change from Q1.